Meetings are held monthly on the last Thursday of the month in Cois Cairn Community Playgroup .

They start between 20:00 & 20:15 and conclude at 21:30.

You are always welcome to attend. Issues of concern can also be notified to the committee by email:

New members needed for WGRA Committee and Neighborhood Watch

please contact Bill Seery, 26 The Green or 086 8091684

*Vehicle 3 ton weight limit*

There is a three ton limit at the start of the estate, so trucks, trailers or other large vehicles can be reported in to any Garda in Shankill 01-6665900. It does not have to be the Community Gardai.




The subscription year is January 1st to December 31st annually, the amount is currently €25.

With 356 houses in the estate the maximum that could ever be collected is €8900 - WE NEVER REACH ANYTHING LIKE THIS AMOUNT, The financial report will confirm this - however, in order to keep the association going it is important to pay whatever you can, when ever you can, your support is greatly appreciated.

Payments can be made to members when they call to you in the door to door effort.

Current WGRA Comm members are:

  1. Bill Seery, 26 The Green.
  2. Janice Blake: 80 The Fairways
  3. Jenny Clifford, 43 The Fairways.
  4. Padraig Mannion, 36 The Lawn. 

If you leave a subscription with any WGRA Comm. Member please include your house number so that a receipt can be issued to you.